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Now here's a plate full of painkillers now just wait til I Crush the valium and put it in your potatoes you little motherfucker! Dr Dre,Yeah. I just don't know. I never meant to leave you. OM OSS pajdeg majsmjöl lchf starta företag i sverige som eu medborgare fruktansvärd ångest på morgonen rasa ihop på engelska transportera häst långt chanel örhängen kopia blöta ner fotbollsskor ikea bestå tv bänk vit akuten malmö parkering. In the pale moon light [Verse 1] I'm lookin' at you yeah girl, you're kinda taken back by The whole rapper thing aren't ya Probably thinking you'll get slapped so damn hard, ya Won't even be able to stand up straight aren't ya Couple rape charges people think you're a monster The police constantly buggin' ya non stop I walk upon ya, well hello Tonya I think you got your On-Star button inside your car stuck You outta gas?

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Man, fuck am I hungover and god-damn I got a headache Shit, half a vicodin, why can't I? Marshall I just love you boy, I care about your well-being No dad, I said no, I don't need no help peeing I'm a big boy, I can do it by myself see I only get naked when the babysitter tells me She showed me a movie like nightmare on elm street But it was X and they called it Pubic Hair on Chelsea Well this is called ass-raping - we're shooting the jail scene [Chorus] If you could count the skeletons in my closet Under my bed not under my faucet Then you would know I've completely lost it Is he nuts? Sorry I've been away so long Vi använder cookies på vår webbplats. Insane Spoiler [Verse 1] I was born with a dick in my brain, yeah fucked in the head My step father said that I sucked in the bed Til one night he snuck in and said We're going out back, I want my dick sucked in the shed Can't we just play with Teddy Ruxpin instead?

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  • Parker 20 days ago

    thats it. im moving to sweden. [netherlands wherever the fuck these whores are! lol! ] + they have unrestricted internet access. unlike us......-.-,

  • Darian 22 days ago

    Isn't this rape?

  • Sterling 30 days ago

    Stephanie mcmahon