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Jag gillar deras sätt att namnge sina solon But I eventually won a couple over and then the doors to Narnia were opened and I fell head first into this very specific slice of the planet with it's own militia, rules and regulations. I'll let them answer for themselves. I love Slab City, it's full of men like him who have a heart of gold and stories until the cows come home. Valfri text av Brainbombs.

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They are such a wonderful example of different ways you can find partnership that don't erect prison walls around your natural biological urges.

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While they have always supported me, they have always questioned me, rolled their eyes and muttered old yiddish expressions under their breath whenever I would tell them about my newest adventure business idea or travel plans. It's a wonderful escape from the actual reality of the 4 headless horsemen who are disguised as Hurricanes, earthquakes and orange man babies. Det börjar närma sig slutet för din del, du har redan levt en livstid längren resten av ditt slag, så låt mig se They have faced the elements and themselves by living out here alone in the desert and they seriously don't give a fuck. Jag kanske sätter på mig spikskor och bara går på dig kanske, men när jag tänker efter shhiiiit So I sent them home with their faces that looked like a cats asshole with all my Lisa frank colored belongings beside a minions covered toothbrush, a small bottle of coconut oil and my microphones and ventured out alone into the desert to see what else the universe could throw at my sleepy face.

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